Unfamiliar Territory: The Blessing of Goaltending Depth

Remember the first time you said “LaBarbera” 3 times while staring into the mirror? Yeah, me too. Before I knew what happened, I had fallen forward on a crappy pokecheck and let in 3 backhanders.

NHL Network Fail: SemYON Varlamov

Because Aleander Semin just wasn't enough

We thought people had problems with his last name…

Let’s Talk ROI – How Much Are Players Paid Per Goal Scored?

Top Goal Scorers of the last 3 years $/G

There are many factors to take into account when looking at the worth and value of NHL players. This article will do none of that. We are only talking about goals, goals, and goals.

The Kovalchuk Problem

Everyone wants to woo the hottest girl, but often times it is not worth the headaches that come with it.

Drew Doughty: 20 Years Old and Knows How to Talk Smack

Doughty Yap1

“Keep yappin’ buddy, keep yappin’

Greatest NHL Video Ever Made? You decide..

Greatest NHL defensement to not know how to skate.

I didn’t think I could possibly hate him more after but sure enough, I do.”

Kings Short On Luck, Drop Two Games Back to Back

7:20pm: Two consecutive unsuccessful power-plays by the Kings. Score remains 3-1 at the end of second period. Dear God, no.

Dear Kings: How Could You?

Kings Break Up Letter

Dear Kings,

This is really hard for me to say.

I think I have to break up with you.

Kings 2009-2010 Season Highlight Video

Doughty shot

Edited by CrownedRoyal.com founder and editor. Also featured on lakings.com on Kings Vision here

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