Kings of Vegas: Your Guide to Frozen Fury XIII

I know. Enough with the Frozen Fury posts right? WRONG!

That question was a trap! If you answered “Yes,” than you are a Ducks fan who is obviously jealous that we get to go to Vegas, while you get to…uh…stay in Anaheim. Awesome for you.

But for us Kings fans, Frozen Fury is a big deal. And why wouldn’t it be?

We get to take off of work, pack up the car, and blast up the I-15 for a destination that’s part sin and part hockey wrapped up in a beautiful neon early Christmas present of a city named Las Vegas.

So with this in mind, here is a list of why I’m (and why you should be) insanely stoked for the first weekend of October. Please leave your list in the comments section below.

  1. VEGAS. If you are an LA guy like me, the word alone sends shockwaves through your system. It is technically the greatest city in the universe. You are free to do or be whoever or whatever you want. It’s the only place where drinking at 9AM on a Tuesday is not only encouraged, but expected. I love LA, but I live for Vegas.
  2. THE KINGS. Remember them? You should. They are coming off of one of their best seasons in recent history and if you aren’t pumped for the next chapter, you should do your summer reading in the Crowned Royal archives. I don’t know about you, but I miss everything about hockey. Summer is great and all, but nothing beats a winter jammed with hockey.
  3. AVALANCHE FANS. They are very easily excitable, and pretty easily outmatched in the hockey knowledge department, at least the ones that we had incidents with. Last year with the Crowned Royal crew, there were two taunts in particular that I directed at Avalanche fans inside the MGM Garden Arena:

“Where’s your jersey?”

I saw lot of Avs fans in the crowd without jerseys. Before I get into it, I should explain a few things. I am a self-diagnosed jersey addict. I’ve got more than you, probably. I’m not proud of it. A lot of money is sitting in my closet right now, and each jersey only gets to see Staples Center MAYBE once a season. The others are worn at the house or bar while watching games. It’s important that each one gets a chance to step up and answer the call, but it’s impossible not to have a favorite that eats up most of the ice time. I digress.

The point is, if you’re a fan, you should be able to buy one. Sure, the more the merrier, but not even one? A fan wears a jersey. Casual fans wear a t-shirt. Know-nothings wear a baseball t-shirt from the home team’s city. If you’re going to chirp at me, you’d better be wearing a jersey or you’re going to hear about it. Most of the people I asked the question to instantly turned around and left, realizing if they couldn’t dole out $100 to represent their team, they were in no position to go toe-to-toe with a fanatic.

“Who is your coach?”

Easily the greatest question I have ever taunted opposing fans with. It’s an easy question. Not a SINGLE fan we got into it with answered correctly. NOT ONE. Now, you would assume that if fans were travelling to Vegas from Colorado to watch their favorite team, they would know the name of the coach. You have no idea how angry Avs fans got upon the realization that they were exposed of their most overlooked weakness: Knowledge of their own team (rather, lack thereof). If you can school an opposing fan on their own team, their fanhood is in question, and nothing is more embarrassing.

4. PREGAME. Starting midday Friday, there are plenty of festivities for Kings fans to be a part of.

  • STUDIO 54. Early on Friday, there is a pre-poker party at Studio 54 that offers an open bar and plenty of NHLers walking around (so I’m told). Though I wasn’t in attendance last year, members of the Crowned Royal crew enjoyed it, and came back with cool name badges that made them look like Kings players to the average person.
  • LUUUUUUUUUC!!!! Friday night is Luc Robitaille’s poker tournament, and though I’m not a big poker guy, it was a lot of fun to walk around and check it out. This is a great way to meet the players and see what they look like up close. It was pretty cool to try and identify not only the current players, but the newcomers and prospects as well.
  • GAME DAY. Saturday should be filled with pools and booze, maybe even pools filled with booze, followed by hockey. I would suggest you check out the scene at MGM Grand. Haven’t been there on game day, but I hear that Kings fans usually have some cabanas and are generous with drinks, which is really the reason why we are all out there, anyway. A bunch of fans coming together, drinking, and having a good time away from LA. I also suggest Hofbrauhaus (across the street from the Hard Rock). The Crowned Royal Crew posted up there for a few hours and there were plenty of Kings fans to drink with. Plus, you can’t really go wrong with liter steins of delicious German beer and hot girls wearing lederhosen feeding you shots of Jager before paddling you and your friends. That happens.

5. THE GAME. You’ve been waiting the entire offseason for this. You’ve been training by drinking more than usual to build up your tolerance (or at least that’s what you’re telling people). This game sets the tone for the season. Not only for the Kings, but for you as a fan. That rabid and fanatical feeling that only a mixture of Vegas and Kings hockey can provide is a perfect launching pad to a successful season.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited. Hope you are, too. Tell us why in the comment section below.

See you in the desert.

Viva Las Vegas. Go Kings.

◊ DJ Spahr

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2 Responses to “Kings of Vegas: Your Guide to Frozen Fury XIII”
  1. LH says:

    Can’t wait! Great article…I think you pretty much covered all angles. Lets just make sure to keep the Crowned Royal crew away from the Jager this year (or at least one member in particular). Maybe we should all jsut stick to Das Boot at the ‘Haus instead.

  2. crownedroyal says:

    If that all wasn’t true, then why would Ticketmaster be offering a safe area for Avalanche fans?

    TM has special Avalanche Fan Section option for #frozenfury. Must B cuz the rest of arena will B rowdy #lakings fans

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