Frozen Fury XIII: Crowned Royal Recap

IMG_5405 - 2010-10-02 at 06-58-10

As expected, Frozen Fury XIII was fun, and perhaps a little too much fun. Mixing the potent ingredients of hockey and the City of Sin is inevitable in this regard.

Brief recap:

  • Though it’s a neutral site, Frozen Fury has evolved into a cut-and-dry Kings home game. The announcer, penalty sound effects, jumbo tron, and of course the fans. Oh, the fans.
  • Kings fans like to drink.
  • Vegas really brings out both the best and worst in people. Enough said.
  • Dontrelle Willis is not worried about staying low profile. Or sanitation.
  • The Mouth does not hold back.

and with that.. if for some reason you missed the live play by play from Crowned Royal’s own ‘The Mouth’, here are the highlights:


2:42 PM Sep 30th
Getting in all my sleep now so I won’t be numb to the fact that many women will slap me this weekend.

2:43 PM Sep 30th
My opening line to first female Avs fan I see – “You look JUST like Mike Ricci !!”

7:14 AM Oct 1st
Boarding pass, check. Game tickets, check. Liver, check. Dignity, uh oh.

12:23 PM Oct 1st
Cue airport bar madness in 3..2..1..

2:16 PM Oct 1st
Girl next to me on plane had no CC to pay for her drink. I bought it for her. She gave me her number. She is not attractive.

5:04 PM Oct 1st
Red Bull vodkas at hard rock






5:46 PM Oct 1st
Cue death

8:12 PM Oct 1st
Back to hard rock. No Avs fans in site. Time to lose money.

9:07 PM Oct 1st
Just lost $200 in 20 minutes on blackjack. Kill me.

Sat Oct 2 09:05:05 2010
My life hurts. Feels like I got concussed via booze. Well, onto day 2 and more shenanigans. Bartender!

Sat Oct 2 11:21:45 2010
Dontrelle Willis by himself at hard rock pool. Sad.

Sat Oct 2 13:52:15 2010
Dontrelle Willis doesn’t wash his hands after pissing. Sad.

Sat Oct 2 15:04:07 2010
The skies have opened up above Vegas. Rain and lightning. Awesome. Watching the hard rock pool scatter like Denis Gauthier playing defense.

Sat Oct 2 17:55:20 2010
Oh yes!

Sat Oct 2 18:27:46 2010
Cowbells in full effect

Sat Oct 2 18:28:45 2010
Kopitar tucks in backhander. 1-0 Kings. I’m drunk.

Sat Oct 2 20:22:34 2010
Craig Anderson giving it up like Paris Hilton.

Sat Oct 2 20:23:04 2010
Kings win. Let’s drink.

Sat Oct 2 20:43:32 2010
Talk about a rookie. Embarrassing fan who can’t hang. Kinda like me at AA.


Some people just can't handle Vegas









Sat Oct 2 21:32:03 2010
3 athletes with more talent than the Avalanche.

Sun Oct 3 00:36:08 2010
Dealer draws 5. We got two 9s. Split. 1st card 9 = triple split. Hit. Stay. Hit. Stay. Hit. 2. Double down. Dealer draws 5 & face. Ouch.

Sun Oct 3 02:32:57 2010
Avs beat writer trying to think of a positive article for tonight.

Sun Oct 3 15:26:15 2010
Made it to the airport alive. Thank you Las Vegas. Thank you Kings. Go to hell Mel (my blackjack dealer who has magical powers)

Stay tuned for more entertainment from ‘The Mouth’ this season.

Here are some other photos:


Putting them down at Hofbrauhaus



The circus trying to enter the arena



House full of Kings fans!



You know it



It's a celebration!



Vodka make me happy



Our favorite Kings fan of all time


Please post links to your photos or Frozen Fury stories in the comments section below.

Here’s to the best Kings season yet:

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