Live Broadcast Fail! Staples Center Scoreboard 11.6.10

Predators lightning scoreboard broadcast fail staples center LA Kings

I was fortunate enough to attend both games this week. Thursday vs. the Lightning and Saturday vs. the Predators. In both contests, the Los Angeles Kings asserted their right to hold onto the title of top team in the NHL.

For some reason, the Staples Center crew forgot that they had to change the logo from Thursday’s opponent, the Lightning to Saturdays opponent, the Predators.

You can see that this picture was indeed taken on Saturday night as they are profiling both goalies playing in the game: Jonathan Bernier for the Kings, and Pekka Rinne for Nashville.

They must have been having some technical problems when they figured it out, as they had to switch back to the old scoreboard display:

Let this not take away from what this game meant however, to be outlined in a full blog post.

I just want to restate to Los Angeles sports broadcasters: FIGURE IT OUT. Hockey has been in Los Angeles for 43 years, and you are all going to start hearing A LOT more about the Los Angeles Kings. Give the exhibition of this team the respect it deserves. That is all.

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