Linus Omark Disrespected the Honor of The Shootout

Linus Omark shootout goal

The Shootout is a time honored tradition, instituted in the NHL back in 2005. It is unquestionably the most revered way for determining the winner of a professional hockey game. It is as sacred as Don Cherry’s wardrobe is chic.

And Linus Omark just defecated all over it.

If you haven’t seen his Shootout blasphemy versus the Tampa Bay Lightning from Friday night yet, here it is, but let this be a warning- it is not for the squeamish:

Can I open my eyes yet? It’s over? Thank God.

The Shootout was created as a cut-and-dry method of deciding the victor of a regular season NHL contest. It is NOT an exhibition of tom-foolery for the fans’ enjoyment. Creativity has no place in hockey, and is certainly never acceptable.

As the Lightning players put it:

“It’s kind of a slap in the face a little bit. Maybe it’s a little too much” said Martin St. Louis via TSN.

Asked if it was disrespectful, defenseman Mattias Ohlund said, “Absolutely.”

“It’s embarrassing for him,” Ellis said. “You come into a league, a respectful league like this, and you try a little move like that. It’s not a very classy thing. That’s just the kind of person he is.”

Ellis must be referring to this goal that was popular among the stoners and cannibals that frequent the YouTube:

The Lightning players really hit the nail on the head, and exposed what is becoming a problem in the NHL, and something the league most assuredly does not want to escalate.

The Principles are simple: when the goaltender is ready, the referee signals to the player that he may attempt to skate, ONLY in a forward motion, with a SINGLE shot at the net.

  • If he stops or reverses his motion- The Attempt is over.
  • If he skates past the red goal-line- The Attempt is over.
  • Once any part of the puck touches the goaltender- the no further Attempt can be made at it.

Of course, there are always those who try to bend the rules and cut corners. Sure, Omark didn’t technically BREAK any of the rules and OK, if he hadn’t scored, perhaps we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and PERHAPS the Oilers still would have won.

Perhaps Dan Ellis vomited in his goalie mask last night. 
None of that matters. What matters is that Linus Omark is a gutless, God-less Swede who doesn’t have the STONES to take a Shootout Attempt the way it is meant to be taken.

Like this:

Or, from the same game last night, the most HONORABLE way to attempt a Shootout goal- to skate down until you’re about 15 feet in front of the goalie, wind up and fire a slap-shot from between the circles:

Like a duel from 10 paces in the Old West. Like Russian Roulette. Or like Cartman playing Rochambeau.

Stamkos is merely a young player himself. He doesn’t even have the knowledge that a seasoned veteran would have.

A veteran like Martin St. Louis.

In the same post-game interview from last night, a reporter asked St. Louis if he was Omark’s teammate, would he take him aside after a move like that?

“I’d probably have a conversation [with him], you know. Sometimes, less is more.”

It takes the wisdom of an NHL veteran with true class to set everything straight. One who knows how to appropriately handle himself in The Shootout:

All NHL players should take a lesson from the Tampa Bay Lightning players, and make an attempt to handle themselves with a bit more class.

29 Responses to “Linus Omark Disrespected the Honor of The Shootout”
  1. Alan says:

    Time honoured tradition?? What a farce. As you say, it was instituted back in 2005 so hardly “time honoured”. It was put in place as agreed upon by the GM’s of the NHL mostly as a way to make OT more “fun” for the less educated markets…basically a marketing ploy to make the game more attractive. Doesn’t Omark’s goal accomplish that?

    As far as disrespectful, I’ve seen numerous other players make moves far more “disrespectful” (if you can call them that) than what Omark did. His spin was complete by the time he hit the blue line so the reality of it was that it had very little to do with disrespecting the goalie or the visiting team.

    Shootouts are there to entertain. Omark’s goal accomplished that. If folks don’t like it, take the shootout out of the game but it’s hardly a “time honoured” tradition in the NHL nor is it disrespectful when the point of the shootout is to ultimately score. I consider what Stamkos did in the shootout actually disrespectful. Also hypocritical of him to make any kind of comment when there’s a video of him showing how to do all the trick moves.

    Ultimately, who cares. The fans in that building certainly didn’t care and I guarantee you the NHL brass don’t care as that little move has generated more talk and attention to the sport that they desparately need.

  2. Dan says:

    I almost did the same as you Alan.

    GREAT article, love the research done with the videos.

    One of the Tampa Bay players actually said, “You wouldn’t see Crosby or Olvechkin doing this”. Perhaps not BUT how many “classy” goal celebrations (far more “in your face” disrespect) have we seen from Olvechkin? I personally don’t mind them at all but to hear someone say “you’d never see this from…”…is rather silly.

    I loved Omark’s goal and hope the Oilers keep him so we can see more and more of the same.

    Oh yeah…and get rid of the shoot outs! I’m old school and have no problem with tie games either.

  3. Matt says:

    You say his shot was disrespectful and then you show a second video, which uses the spin move as “a proper shootout technique.” The player in the shootout techniques video even suggests snowing the goalie, that’s just dirty man. I don’t mind if you call someone out but at least stay consistent.

  4. Alan says:

    Dan – I just fired up seeing the criticisms of something that was pretty minor. Even Don Cherry didn’t think it was a big deal.

    Actually if you look at that shootout goal again, Omark was quite respectful. After he scored, he didn’t make a spectecal of a celebration. He gave a small fist pump and skated back to the bench. You don’t think he knew what was at stake if he missed? Ovechkin’s celebrations are actually disrespectful.

  5. Ellis should be embarrassed for himself. He has made a fool of himself with the fans and media all season. Not to mention he can’t claim the starting gig of a disappointing team from MIKE SMITH. Yikes.

    Stamkos came to be known in the states for his behind the back shootout goal in juniors. Wonder if the goalie thought that was a classy move, too.

    St. Louis does a similar move and practically stops at the end of it. He of all people should appreciate the creativity.

    Just poor sports pissed off that they got shown up by a kid. More power to him and I hope we see a lot more of this kind of creativity from him in the future.

  6. Sam says:

    i think this is stupid because creativity is the principal source of development in hockey if you look 10 years before there was not a lot of style in hockey just simple hockey game but now it’s getting harder with all the moves possible because now what i see is that you think creativity is bad and i’m sorry but to be a good player in the nhl you have to be creative think of the big names Crosby, Ovechkin, Patrick Kane they all had to be creative to reach the top thats how it works and always will and if so player think they are humiliated because some player was creative enough and had the balls to do something they can’t well i’m sorry for them but thats the game.

  7. joe says:

    wake up the game just exists because of a paying public,i feel sorry for players who think’s the nhl league is for them

  8. Josh says:

    Seriously, this guy is either too old to be playing the sport or has never played it in the first place. The shootout marks a new era of hockey, and with it comes all of the razzle dazzle of shootout attempts. As a college hockey goalie, I can tell you that I see all these ridiculous shootout attempts and so much more on a daily basis, and if your a goalie and cant react to these moves, you really need to start watching more film. A goal is a goal, and if your a goalie who can’t stop these kinds of goals, then you need to step aside for those who can. Its a new league with new rules and a new style of play. If you don’t like it, then find yourself a new sport

  9. Odogg says:

    Sounds like the writer of this was quite the grinder with little to no stick skills and never had the chance to participate in a shootout. How is the NHL or shootout defaced with goals like this? Maybe the spin-o-rama before the blue line was unnecessary but it was still dynamic and entertaining to watch. The game is changing and to say he is a gutless swede because of a shootout attempt like this is real pathetic and shows no class on your part. Were you also in uproar when guys like Gretzky and Lemieux came in with playing styles that changed the game and the way people think about it. He never broke any shootout rules so whats the deal?? You have clearly run out of things to write about.

  10. crownedroyal says:

    Linus Omark should be put on trial by the power of Don Cherry’s handkerchief, tried for breaking the code of the land- skating on Canadian ice as a European. Standard penalty is exile, ripping off a piece of his clothing and spitting on his face, but that may not be enough here. I suggest penalty 6a) dressing him in a giant turtle outfit and forcing him to clean Sidney Crosby’s skates using his only his mouth.

  11. LH says:

    Do Candians get sarcasm? They totally do.

  12. Danny Trejo says:

    ” What matters is that Linus Omark is a gutless, God-less Swede who doesn’t have the STONES to take a Shootout Attempt the way it is meant to be taken”

    you jealous fuck, maybe people just dont have the stones to try and do what Linus did
    your probably a washed up hockey player

  13. I totally got the sarcasm. Then again, I puke in hot yoga studios, so who am I to say anything?

    Solid article. A+, with a spin before crossing the ‘a’.

  14. tobiafred says:

    Dear cowbell,

    “Creativity has no place in hockey, and is certainly never acceptable.”

    Creativity is the driving force behind almost everything.
    Am I to understand that you don’t mind watching a guy making 6 million $ a year and all he does is dump and chase, while keeping things simple? You don’t mind that you pay 100$ a ticket to watch guys trying not to make mistakes?

  15. Scott Reid says:

    hahah time honored since 2005? I’m not even sure why this website exists. Clearly the author has never played hockey in his life. The shootout is all about creativity, and entertainment. Without creativity, hockey is nothing. Creative players are fun to watch, to play against, and to play with. That is what Linus Omark is an awesome player to watch.

  16. More Cowbell says:

    First let me apologize about the formatting on the blog. I am unable to display links as anything other than italicized text, whereas ideally they would be underlined or at the very least a different color. The links in this post are essential to helping to point out the intention of the article:

    To ridicule the Tampa Bay Lightning players for the reactions to Linus Omark’s shootout winner.

    Thank you all for reading.. most of it anyway.

  17. @ Scott Reid – You are probably right, the author probably hasn’t played hockey before. But that’s not his fault because in the US the law is to not care about hockey whatsoever. He’s already breaking the law by blogging about hockey!!!

  18. Dirty Dangle says:

    I love how people were up in arms about this, but the NHL has an All Star skills competition for creativity and flashliness

  19. Ark_Razor says:

    You really had me here. I was saying “this guy is an expert on the Kings and hockey”?? Then I got it at the end. Well done. I started as a Kings season seat holder since 1980 and I walk out before shootouts start.

    • More Cowbell says:

      Well I’ve never claimed to be an expert on anything but losing in NHL 11. But I appreciate the kind words. I wouldn’t even go that far in my dislike of the shootouts, but any claims regarding any sort of sportsmanship during them are nothing short of absurd. Thanks for reading.

  20. IsEveryoneHereStupid? says:

    It took me all of one sentence to realize this was a sarcastic article …

  21. crownedroyal says:

    My best guess is that this was posted somewhere on an Oilers fan message board, and people just looked at the title and went straight to offer their opinions in the comments section, so stupid may be too strong a word.. Hasty? Abrupt? Loyal? You gotta love the passion of hockey fans. Thanks for the support.

  22. Vladimir Petrov says:

    We learn that there is powers in NHL that want to hold the creativity to themselves to protect their position. And that Martin St. Louis is a moron.

  23. Ken says:

    This is clearly sarcastic. I hope. Either that or it’s written by a bitter old cronie (you know, like Don Cherry) who wants hockey players to attempt shots in shootouts the same way over and over again. Because that’s exciting.

    I’m glad I checked this though because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the goal Omark scored for Sweden. That was ridiculous.

  24. Dick Dangler says:

    Author needs to get over himself and is probably too old and cranky to have a worthwhile opinion on the matter anyway. Puck never stopped moving forward, dude can do what he wants. Get over it.

  25. Levitation is for Sissies says:

    Finely written, exhaustively researched, and remorselessly entertaining.

  26. Drew says:

    I was almost ready to go on a rant about how hypocritical and pathetic and ignorant this article was but then i realized it’s incredibly well written and brings out those qualities in the lightning.

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