Some More Beauties from Our Friends at FS West

Broadcast Fail 'Shots on Goals' FS West

The picture above is pretty self explanatory, and seems innocent enough. A typo? Probably? Or is it someone who just doesn’t know hockey who is building the graphic, then checking it, then putting it on air? That seems to be the case when you look at what’s going on here:

But maybe I’m wrong about ‘Shots on Goals’. Could be just a simple typo.

Unless of course there were multiple nets placed on the ice during this game and in fact, there were shots on multiple goals.

Again, I just don’t know.

Let me pose this question to anyone who has used the internet ever:

Would it be easier to look up the proper spelling of Semyon Varlamov-


Would it be easier to look up said player’s season statistics and rankings versus his opponents and peers?

Apparently they thought it was the latter, and decided the best option would be to simply not even include his name. Probably a smart move considering what the NHL Network did with it when he was drafted.

One Response to “Some More Beauties from Our Friends at FS West”
  1. LH says:

    THATS not Kyle Clifford. I would know.

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