Impressively Mixing up Statistics

Jonathan Quick wrong stat

This is from just before the puck drop of the Dallas game on Sunday.

Jonathan Quick had in fact played in goal versus the Detroit Red Wings the previous Wednesday, and did indeed make 28 saves- which KCOP (same crew as FS West) was previously incorrect on, but the final score was 2-1. Not quite a shutout.

Perhaps they were confused by the 51 save, 5-0 shutout against the Wings, which was only 4 months ago on December 13.

Who approves this stuff? And how does anyone involved think that the previous game Quick played in was a shutout? Does anyone there actually watch Kings games?


2 Responses to “Impressively Mixing up Statistics”
  1. LH says:

    Potato Potato.Who ever said that stats are supposed to be numerically accurate??

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  1. […] With his 3rd shutout of the season tonight, Jon Bernier has really turned his season around after his not-so-elite-goalie start. But I think the good folks at the Fox Sports West HD Graphic Department got things mixed up again. […]

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