A Los Angeles Kings Fan’s Plea

Kyle beg

You’ll have to excuse the fanatical perspective of this post. I know you’ve come to expect a certain level of professionalism from all of us here at Crowned Royal, so your understanding is appreciated.

You can stop laughing now.

No, this article is not analysis or prediction or even satirical or clever in any way. It is a pathetic plea from a weary Kings fan:

Win this game tonight.

The Kings need just two points to get them a guaranteed spot in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

One win.

(Two OT losses would do as well, but that can’t be achieved tonight.)

A Dallas loss will also do, but they are off tonight, and their next three games are against opponents out of the playoff picture, and one of them (who they play twice) is in the hunt for the lottery pick in this summer’s draft. So counting on them to lose is not only more pathetic than the spirit of this article, it isn’t even that likely.

So, just win tonight.

Whatever happens after that, I can handle. But going into a home and home series against the Ducks with our backs against the wall, licking wounds and desperate for two points would be a nearly horrific position to be in. Not because it would be impossible to take two points from the Ducks in two contests, but because of what would be at stake. As Quisp outlined:

  • If the Kings lose all three [of their final games], they will lose any tie-breakers with anyone they might be tied with because they will be stuck at 36 ROW (to be outlined later) wins.
  • So, lose all three, and the Kings need either (1) Dallas to lose once in regulation, or (2) Chicago to lose twice in regulation.
  • I don’t think Chicago is going to lose twice in regulation.

What’s absurd about this whole thing is that the Kings can just as likely take a home ice securing fourth seed in the conference as get eliminated. But after Monday night’s tragic performance against the Sharks and the bleak remnants of an NHL roster due to injuries, the focus is on just getting (or staying) in.

Also, a win tonight does more than just guarantee the Kings back to back postseason action. It would get them back on the right track in terms of attitude and level of play, as well as helping them out significantly in the seeding. More from Quisp:

In addition to being tied in points (at 96), the Kings are one tie-breaker win behind PHX, and two points behind Phoenix in the head-to-head tie-breaker. Which means that a Kings victory in regulation would bring the two teams even in wins (at 37) and even in the season series, too. Which means that, were PHX and LAK to be tied at the end of the regular season, it could easily come down to goal-differential, in which the Kings (as of now) have an advantage of +16.

Looking at the standings, it seems nearly impossible that there won’t be at least one tie in the Western Conference:

Tie-breakers will come into play, and the first of which (regulation or overtime wins, or ROW) that is used does not benefit the Kings- UNLESS they can win in regulation or overtime tonight. Not only would they then be tied with Phoenix in that category, they’d catch Nashville as well, and more importantly, they would be sitting alone in fourth place in the Western Conference.

But let’s get back to that one simple task:

Please win tonight.

In regulation, overtime, or a shootout. Bribe the officials, I don’t care.

Just win tonight.

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