Sign: Loud Enough?

Loud Enough cropped

We’ve all heard about it by now, that a horribly naive ‘writer’ for the San Jose Mercury News is for some reason trying to make Staples Center a harder road game for the team he is covering by calling it a quiet, ‘Kenny G’ experience.

I believe Rich Hammond first posted this, and it has since irked every Los Angeles based Kings fan with access to the Internet.

The Mayor then invited the author to sit next to him at the game.

Even Puck Daddy did a piece questioning the author’s misguided intent and hockey knowledge.

And Helene Elliot, sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times took it upon herself to stand up for her people:

Did you mean as quiet as the HP Pavilion was on Saturday when the undermanned Kings, minus the suspended Jarret Stoll, were routing the Sharks, 4-0, to tie the series at a game each?

A disclosure: Mark Purdy was the sports editor of my college newspaper, the Daily Northwestern, when I was a freshman. I recall one of the first assignments he gave me was to cover powder-puff football. I thought his judgment was lacking then and I know it’s off again now.


I didn’t want to link to the article itself because it’s just a horribly written fluff piece to stir up controversy. But since our devoted little foul mouths are the first commenters on the story, click here for the link, but be prepared to be offended (at the article more than the comments I hope).

I think we all know what must be done. As Quisp said:

The point is:

Kings fans don’t know how to make noise, and this will help the Sharks, because they will be better able to concentrate if there’s quiet.

Pass it along.

Rest your vocal chords during the day today. I’ve created a little ‘FU’ to Mr. Purdy if any of you care to take yet another trip to your office printer:

Loud Enough? PDF

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