Looking Ahead: No Time Like the Present

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Looking ahead to the Kings remaining schedule, there has been a lot of talk about the team having 20 road games and only 12 home games. This does not concern me nearly as much as another aspect of their upcoming schedule.

Breaking up the remaining games by those in February and those after, there is one glaring difference.

The average record of teams the Kings face in February: 23-21-6, or roughly, the Calgary Flames record, who are currently sitting in 11th place in the Western Conference.


Average record = 27-18-5, which would be 59 points, enough to qualify for 7th in either division, and one better than the Kings’ current total. Take out the game against Columbus (who the Kings have actually lost to this season), and it goes to 28-17-5, which is one point shy of both San Jose and Pittsburgh. This will be quite the mountain to climb if the Kings have a sub-par February.

Bottom line is, this last stretch of games is absolutely brutal. The Kings had better put together a phenomenal February, or we might be reacting to the standings in April like Randy Marsh reacting to Stan’s desire to form a boy band:

2 Responses to “Looking Ahead: No Time Like the Present”
  1. Player-X says:

    Nice breakdown, interesting way to look at the relative opponent strength. March on, or be Marched on.

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