GIF: Mike Richards 2nd Assist of the Year Candidate

Richards hit on Keith

OK, so there’s no such thing as a 2nd assist of the year competition. But this would have to be in the running if there was.

Mike Richards, apparently realizing that he now has someone on his line who can put the puck in the net if he simply bowls over defensemen, takes the puck from them, and sets a screen on the low forward.
Mike Richards 2nd Assist
Oh and he also was the only one of 13 players who scored in the shootout.

So let’s recap:

  • Richards makes this play to set up what would have been game winning goal
  • Ref can’t get whistle out of ass quick enough to blow play dead before Kane shoves the puck under Quick. Forces shootout.
  • Richards is only one to best either goaltender, securing the 2nd and sorely needed point in the sixth round of the shootout.

Hopefully, we are seeing the re-emergence of clutch Mike Richards in Los Angeles. He could be of some use.

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