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Reza Amini

The Mouth is quickly becoming one of the most popular and hilarious L.A. Kings / hockey personalities on Twitter. If you somehow arrived here and you aren’t following Reza on Twitter, just do it.


Realized his love for the Kings at age 15 when he spat at Mike Vernon’s image on TV after Tony Granato beat him during the playoffs in overtime. Since then, highlights have included:

  • Skipping college classes in the early 90’s to travel to the Great Western Forum seeking autographs, causing GPA to slip so drastically, he was asked leave the school during the first semester.
  • Taping every game from the 91-92 season thru the 95-96 season and being depressed when a game wasn’t televised because he wouldn’t have “every goal from the season on tape”.
  • Locking himself in his bedroom during the Stanley Cup finals and contemplating suicide after games 2-5. Three overtime losses in a row – like a spear to the groin.
  • Getting license plates that read “99GRETZ”.
  • 1993 – kicked out of line at ‘Tip-A-King’ by Jim Fox.
  • 1998 – produced an analyst segment while working with Jim Fox.

Created the work of art known simply as, Charlie Huddy sucks, which you can view here.

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