2012-13 Betting Odds

Taking a look at the odds for each team to win the Stanley Cup in 2012-2013 according to Bovada.

Can you identify these players?

CHART: Recent Scoring Leaders – Canadian Junior Leagues

This chart is a compilation of regular season scoring leaders from the last several years of the three Canadian Major Junior Leagues.

Quick-Doughty Cup

I Hate to Say I Told You So..

Anyone who ever says that is a cocky liar. That said, here are some predictions I made that kind of came true.

Quick Rally

Jonathan Quick Gives Us One of the Greatest Moments in Kings History

In this, his first public moment out of his introverted shell, Jonathan Quick finally has an unfiltered dialog with someone: 18,000 fans.

The Mouth Cup Video Still

VIDEO: The Mouth’s LA Kings 2012 Playoff Recap

Under that rough, foul-mouthed exterior, is a mushy, Coldplay-loving, LA Kings super freak. Video evidence here:  

In Your Face Media Podcast #2

I joined the In Your Face Media guys for another podcast talking about the Stanley Cup Finals.

Kings celebrate after game 3

This is Why The Kings Will Win

After winning Game 3 at home, taking their 4th straight 3-0 series lead, teetering on the edge of winning the most coveted trophy in sports, the Kings remained collected.

Jersey Fouls: New Jersey Edition

There weren’t a ton of Kings fans at the game, but most of them had some pretty legitimate jerseys. But this guy’s Daryl Evans Chevy logo jersey is a head scratcher. The black numbers didn’t come until after Evans was done. A bit nitpicky, but that it was his choice method of representing his team … Continue reading

Road Game: Stanley Cup Finals Game 2

Bags packed, tickets in hand on the way to the airport to head to New Jersey for game two of 2012 Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. If you’d like to follow along with the journey you may do so on twitter @Crownedroyal_LA for pictures of weird shit … Continue reading

In Your Face Media Podcast: Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Earlier this week, the guys from In Your Face Media invited me on their podcast to preview the Stanley Cup Finals from a Kings’ perspective. It wasn’t a total failure. If you like interviews with poor cell phone signal, then clear your next 13 minutes.

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